• All clients need to give at least 24 hour advance notice for scheduling to McKyla.

  • All scheduling is handled by McKyla via email or text. Email her here: or (503) 400-5884.

  • We will reschedule up to two (2) sessions a month out of your normal scheduled time. This is to keep availability to all clients the same.


  • We enforce a strict 48 hour cancellation policy.

  • All cancellations must be in writing via email or text to McKyla. ( or (503) 400-5884)

  • If you cancel with more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled session, you can contact McKyla to have your session rescheduled. (Except group training)

  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours to your session, your session is lost.

Your Session Times

  • Every session is 30 minutes.

  • Please show up no more than ten minutes prior to your session to warm up.

  • Please stay no more than ten minutes after your session to cool down and stretch.

Social Media

  • Social media is our second most powerful marketing tool.

  • Progress photos can and will be posted on social media to show progress.

  • We will have both the before and after photo together to show progress.

  • We reserve the right to take photos and video during training sessions and post to facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube for marketing reasons.

  • ALL media will be for marketing reasons only.

  • If you wish to not be featured in media in any way, let us know.


  • Vacations need a 30 day notice in advance and in email to and

  • Vacation rates to save your time slot is half the normal rate.

    • Example: if training at $162 per month and going on vacation for two weeks,

      • Half month regular training - $81

      • Half month at half-rate for vacation - $40.50

      • Total is $121.50

Upgrading or downgrading training plans

  • Upgrading your training plan is immediate. Just let us know when you want to go from 1 session per week to 2 or 3. (provided that we have the open time slots)

  • Downgrading your training plan is trickier. We require a 30 day notice in email to and for downgrading your plan.

    • This is to accommodate automatic payments, scheduling, and a few other factors.

    • We do not issue refunds, so your best option is to finish the current pay period and then stop.

    • If you wish to fully cancel your training, simply let us know and we will stop your next automatic payment.

  • Training plans and sessions are non-transferable.


  • Make sure you are hydrated and fueled before training.

  • If you ever feel dizzy, nauseaous, or ill during your training, notify your trainer and stop what you're doing. We have electrolytes and water on hand at all times should you need it.

  • Know the difference between muscle fatigue and joint pain. Muscle fatigue should be endured. Joint pain should be taken seriously. Do not push through joint pain. Notify your trainer if you experience any unusual pain in the joints, back, or anywhere else.

  • Give 100 percent always.

  • Negative or abusive language is not tolerated. The first offense will be addressed verbally "don't do that again." The second offense will result in termination of all training at Northwest Forge. No exceptions.

  • After your session, clean up your area (put weights back, spray and wipe down equipment with provided supplies).

Other Stuff

  • No food is allowed beyond the entry area.

  • Absolutely zero peanut products allowed in the facility.

  • No open-top drinks.


  • There are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS. There are no exceptions. You are free to quit training at any time and cancel all future payments.

Now for the good stuff:

  • No contracts.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No price hikes. You get locked in to your price when you start. As long as you train with us, your price will not increase.

  • No scams. (We only show you what has been proven to work, not what's trending)

  • Internal business to business discounts with Hood's Martial Arts Academy, Ona Lisa FST, and Tawnya Grogan LMT.