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Personal Training at NWF Solves The Critical Problem That Everyone Deals With.

It's the safer, calmer, more effective way to lose fat and gain muscle.  But more than that, it's a complete lifestyle change.

We specialize in providing only the best personal training.  It's that simple.


Lose Weight

Lose Fat

Shed unwanted pounds of fat with our simple system that won't have you starving.  

Get Stronger

Gain Muscle

Build lean quality muscle with our proven training programs.  You'll be suprised at the results.

Improve overall health

Live Healthy

Improve heart health and get the tools to live life more fully.  everything is easier after training at NWF.

Achieve Your Goal

Achieve Goals

No more struggling.  No more yo-yo diets.  Know what it's like to make real lasting progress.



Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's what others are saying about personal training at Northwest Forge.

I have lost 70 lbs and gained more muscle than I can ever remember having. I recommend Mike to anyone and everyone looking for a trainer, I would yell it from the rooftops . . . if I could. If you’re looking for a change in the right direction Mike is your best option.
— Eddie Z.
I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Mike has changed my life. Everything came together; nutrition, workouts, stress management etc. Mike focuses on each of those, creates a plan and provides tools and encouragement to complete those goals and be successful.
— Katie D.
Mike’s skills are top-notch and his personality is fun and relaxed. He’s developed Northwest Forge in to a great gym with all of the equipment you need for an excellent workout.
— Julie S.


Why Personal Training?

Besides the obvious fat loss and strength gains, personal training changes lives for the better.  Here's how:

Personal Training improves creativity

Improve brain function

Training consistently helps improve brain function on all levels.  You'll literally be smarter from your time spent in training.

Personal Training helps achieve success

Build success as a habit

Success in training significantly increases the likelihood of success outside of training.  It trains you to succed across multiple disciplines.  

Personal Training helps gain clarity

Gain Clarity

Personal training has been proven to increase feel-good hormones in people struggling with anxiety and depression.  It really helps.

Personal Training improves memory

Learn More

Studies show that training improves learning and retention of new material.  It literally makes you a better learner.

Personal Training improves immune function

Boost Immunity

People who train consistently get sick less often.  It's a simple fact that can save a lot of time, money, and pain.

Personal training improves strategy

Think Strategically

Training has been shown to improve cognition across many different levels.  Strategy included.  Think steps ahead in business, work, and life.


Stop Struggling
Get Started