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Be Real With Yourself

We all see the world through our own lenses, and our lenses distort reality.  This means that some of us think we are doing better than we actually are, and vice versa.  

You are never doing as good (or as bad) as you think you are.  

This is half of my job: helping you see reality in regards to your fitness journey.  If you haven't measured your food for 4 weeks then I'll call you on it.  (This is the toughest part for most people).  

Conversely, if you're putting consistent effort towards your goals in all areas, then you will move in the right direction.  

One of the biggest things YOU can do is to take a hard look at yourself, your goals, your efforts, and your history.  Are you doing the things you thought you would?  Does progress look the way you thought it would?  Are you willing to push forward with a new version of reality, one where consistent effort is required?  I guarantee it's worth it if you dive in.  

For those of you that are busting your butts, I see you.  Don't beat yourself up, but instead enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the strength and health that you have earned.

For those of you that are slacking, I'm calling you out.  You have more, and I want it.  

You have what it takes.