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Why the Iron Hammer Award is dead

Quick announcement.

Iron hammer award is no more.

McKyla and I put a lot of thought into this, and we didn’t make the decision lightly. Initially, we wanted a way to reward people who earned their progress in their fitness journey. As the years pass, we see that progress in a different light. We no longer wanted an external factor that would influence people to chase a short-term facet. The main reason anyone should train is to improve their health, and because it’s fun and feels good. This is what one of our trainers calls ‘type 2 fun.’ Type 1 fun is Netflix and snacks, or the equivalent. While it’s fun at the moment, it leads to misery. Type 2 fun is the opposite: looks and feels like work, but makes life better. The Iron hammer award was a type 1 thing that tried to pull people in to type 2 living. That’s the lego wall holding back the tide of the Oregon coast. Ain’t gonna happen. The biggest reward for making progress in your fitness journey is your improved health and ability to live life more fully. So go do that.

We are focusing more on community and togetherness, because this bus is going somewhere, and we are going together.

Get your damn lifts in.