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Client Spotlight: Jacob B.

Jacob is good people. He shows up, does the work, and pours himself into it the best he can. He’s patient, trusts the process, and steps up the bar again and again with intensity. As a firefighter, he wants to increase his overall strength and get a little leaner for his job. As a human, he wants to be as healthy as possible so he can live life to the fullest.

One thing that jumped out to Jacob was his rapid rate of change. He was used to ‘exercising’ or ‘working out’ instead of training. When we train, we seek a desired outcome. We are training for something specific. Jacob buckled down and trained hard for months. He’s thinner, stronger, and he’s corrected a few imbalances since starting personal training at Northwest Forge. All of this is from his incredible capacity to keep his head down, follow the plan, and work hard.

I’m pretty excited to see what the future holds for him. Congratulate Jacob with me on earning his athlete spotlight in the comments below! (He’s earned it)


A testimony of hard work and dedication at Northwest Forge Personal Training.