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Training Log: Deadlifts (Stardate 9.21.18)

This was last week sometime.  I'm a pretty private person, but I wanted to show what MY journey looks like.  It's hard, it's taxing, but I love to my core.  One of the biggest things that I'm learning is that it's all relative.  I'm here, I'm this strong, this percent bodyfat, and I'm working on myself.  Just like you, and just like everyone else.  We ALL want to live out our potential, and we're all striving forward.  What could be better?  If that's you, comment below and say hi, and what you're currently working on.  Me?  It's getting my bodyfat down.  For years I gained strength and mass which was fun, but now I'm switching gears.  That's why my reps are getting up there beyond 5,8, and 10 reps.  (Along with many other things).

This was 385x12.  I have never done that before.  The cool part was I had more in the tank.  Next week will be 405 for 12.  Oh, and I'm consistently dropping body weight at about 1 pound per week.  (Which is VERY sutainable!)  It's all about having a plan and FOLLOWING it.  More than that, it's about enjoying the process.  If you don't enjoy it, why are you doing it?  I wasn't jumping for joy when I started deadlifting 135 off the floor years ago, but I stuck with it.  Pretty soon I found a little bit of something in it that I enjoyed.  I want that for everyone.  If you enjoy something, then there are no limits.  

There's nothing holding you back

I love being a personal trainer and passing on what I have learned. It just doesn’t mean that I’m done learning and growing! I’m grateful for all of you, and for trusting me to help you be successful in your fitness journey.