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Urgent =/ Important

Our health is of the utmost importance.  Nobody is arguing that.  Yet we put our training and health on the back burner.  That's because our training (whether with a personal trainer or solo) is never urgent.  You can skip a day, or drop your fitness journey altogether, and the world will welcome you.  "Join us!  Appreciate your body as it is!"  It can be enticing, but it's a trap.  A body-positive relationship with the self is great, but so is improving quality of life by decreasing body fat and increasing strength.  

We easily forget the first principle: our health is of the utmost importance.  That means that our training is of the utmost importance.  

Important and urgent are two different things.  Say no the urgent and unimportant, and hold dear what is the most important: your health.  Get your training in.  Do what it takes, whether with a personal trainer or solo.  One of the many good things about having a personal trainer is they help you cut through the urgent to get to the important.  

What do you think?  Comment below your thoughts.  I would love to hear them.