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When you feel 'stuck'

“Is it normal for athletes to get in a rut? I feel like I’m going backwards 😭😭”

There’s so much to say to this, and so much to dive into. Here we go.

Is feeling stuck in a rut normal?

You bet. If you didn’t feel this in your fitness journey, then you’re either a robot or your passion is stronger than 95 percent of everyone who’s on a fitness path. The main thing is, we can’t go by feel when we are on a journey. It’s exactly like a marathon: one foot in front of the other, despite the endorphins, highs, lows, doubts, and inevitable hiccups. One foot in front of the other.

Which brings me to my next point:

Forget about the big picture.

That’s right. If you’re looking at the finish line when you’re on mile 6 of your marathon, it’ll feel like you’re going nowhere. Most people will say “have a small goal you can easily reach”. This can be mind-numbing. Instead, I prefer to enjoy the proverbial run. This is goal oriented process vs systems oriented process. Focus on just the goal and you’ll be miserable for 26 miles. Focus on the process of running, enjoy the view, and you’ll maybe want to do another marathon in the future.

It’s just flowers.

There once was kid who went on a trip with her mom to a beautiful mountain meadow. It was covered in beautiful perennial flowers not native to the area. Nothing but these flowers bloomed for as far as they could see. Just seeing it was life changing. Immediately, the kid and the mother both exclaim “Oh my gosh! It must have taken some crazy machinery years to do this!” They kept following the road until they came to a little shack, obviously someone was living there. “Let’s go ask whoever is there how they did this!” The kid says. Mother and child both run up to the little shack. On the door was an old bullet list:

  • I did.

  • 30 years (and counting)

  • One by one, day by day, with my hands.

  • Because I love solitude, the outdoors, and flowers.

  • Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy them.

It only takes a minute to move forward.

We humans are amazing. We do so much in our lifetimes that it can be daunting when looking forward. Take a moment to look back and see how much you’ve accomplished. Anybody else who hasn’t done what you’ve done would see that and say “Nobody can do that!” But you did. And it was day by day. Minute by minute. I hope you enjoy them.