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Why added sugar sucks

The whole sugar-free thing is in full swing these days, but does anybody know why anymore?  You will in a moment.  Here’s why you should stay away from added sugar:

  1. It’s ADDICTIVE.  Not just tasty, but truly addictive.  This is enough reason by itself to stay away from added sugar.  Dealing with an addiction is the opposite of health, right?  You want to live life, not be a slave to something.  

  2. The fact that it is placed in the vast majority of processed foods makes it all the more important to regulate sugar intake.  It is now more than ever extremely difficult to do.

  3. Excessive sugar intake is one of the primary causes of obesity.

  4. It rots your teeth.

  5. Excessive sugar intake can cause metabolic disorders.

  6. Excessive sugar intake is directly related to cardiovascular disease.

  7. High intake of fructose in liquid form taxes the liver heavily, leading to the production of uric acid which is linked to gout, kidney stones, and high blood pressure.

  8. Fructose does not trigger insulin production and raises ghrelin levels (a hormone) which keeps you hungry.

  9. Excess fructose consumption increases triglycerides, which directly contribute to clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease.  

Here’s the kicker: sugar (to include fructose) is found in all fruits.  So, all fruits must be bad, right?  Wrong.  Because the body must break down the fibers in the fruit to digest the sugars, not all the fructose hits the liver at the same time.  

The solution?  Cut out processed foods.  Don’t want to make the leap?  Then take a step!  Try to cut out pastries, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, juice, soda, etc.  Your liver, metabolism, teeth, and mind will benefit!  

It may sound too simplistic, but simply exercising routinely and eating whole non-processed foods is a surefire way to maintain a healthy weight and to look and feel good!  It’s that simple.  There’s no secret!  Anyone trying to tell you differently is selling you something, and let me tell you: it’s not worth it.  

Note: if you think you may be dealing with a food addiction, seek professional help from a counselor.  It may seem overly expensive, but your health is beyond worth!  

Stay motivated, keep going, and have fun!  


Mike Walsh is a Marine Veteran and Personal Trainer in Salem Oregon who currently operates at his gym Northwest Forge. He has experience training athletes, expecting mothers, actors preparing for a role, those trying to lose weight, and weight lifters.  He has been coaching individuals who seek to live a healthier lifestyle for over eight years. In addition to personal training, Mike offers clients dietary plans to help achieve goals and leads a Boot Camp Thursday and Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Forge. If you would like a consultation, feel free to contact Mike and be sure to visit the Northwest Forge Facebook to keep up to date with special events and news.  Stay motivated!