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healthy eating

Nutrition MYTHS

Many clients ask me questions about nutrition.  Some of the questions are simple, and some of the questions require them to get a doctorate in nutrition.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you how to create your own nutrition plan based on your goals.  At the end I will show you a FAQ of the most common questions I come across.  

    Before we get started, let’s dispel some myths:

  1. The best way to lose weight is to not eat.  (People have tried that for as long as crash diets have existed.  There are still crash diets and they still do not work!)

  2. food is the enemy. (NO.  Food is the fuel that allows s to live life!)

  3. If i eat all organic foods I’ll be healthy and slim. (organic foods still contain protein, carbs, fats, and nutrients just like any other food… and they can still be consumed in large proportions!)

  4. All fats in food form are bad. (Many naturally-occurring fats are good for the body, metabolism, and general health and can be consumed daily for a nutritious boost!)

  5. Calories are calories.  If I eat less of them, I will lose weight.  (the quality of the calorie is extremely important.  200 calories from fruit will treat your body VERY differently than 200 calories from a candy bar!)

  6. Losing weight is about exercising more and eating less. (talk about a huge strain on willpower!  Your weight is determined by a large number of factors ranging from genetics, hormones, and even altitude to lifestyle, nutritional habits, and resting metabolic rate.

  7. Sugar is bad because of the empty calories.  (while this is true, it’s like saying smoking meth is bad because it it bad for your teeth.  Unnatural added sugars are responsible for a plethora of health problems.)

  8. Drinking water makes you bloated.  (Drinking water actually helps your body regulate itself.  Drinking water consistently also helps to remove many unnecessary elements from the body.)

Next week I'll show you how to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure!  Stay tuned.