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The Rules

1. Be Early

If you're not early you're late.  

2. Be Safe

  • Inform your coach of injuries.  If something doesn't feel right, or feels too heavy, speak up.  You are in charge of your safety.  Your trainer will do everything he or she can do keep you safe, but You get the final say.
  • If something hurts a joint or area of the body, don't do it.  Ask for help and do less weight.  With proper form follows strength. 

3. Practice Good Form

It never ends.  Form is an extension of safety.  Never stop practicing proper form.

4. Bring the Intensity

Give what you got.  We want 100 percent always.  

5. Bring a Positive Attitude

  • Bring a positive attitude.  Leave your day and your worries at the door.
  • Under no circumstances will any negative talk be tolerated.  All violations will result in the entire group performing 20 push-ups each.
  • Greet all new members when they come in.  We want to make people feel welcome.  Introduce yourself and keep an eye out for them. (form, safety, tips, etc.) 
  • Cheer each other on and lift each other up with your words and actions.

6. Respect the Facility

When you're done, put your equipment where it belongs and leave your area better than when you found it.  If you notice something, tell your coach.  (broken equipment, no toilet paper, light-bulb out, etc)

7. Pay Attention

Listen to your coach when they are instructing.  It's for your own safety and performance.