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Quick Wins

Often we can struggle against our goal instead of make progress.  This is a trap!  We've all heard of the snowball effect and we all know what it is.  Quick wins work the same way.  They create momentum, and can mean the difference between stagnation and moving forward.

Sometimes a quick win can be a small win.  In fact, that's what most quick wins are.  They're so small that they seem almost inconsequential.  But that seemingly insignificant win is just the spark, or the beginning snowball, that's needed to create something much bigger.  

It's not the thing itself, it's what effect that the thing starts.  

Get that first spark. 

Quick wins create momentum.

Quick wins create momentum.

What does this look like in personal training or a fitness journey?  It's losing one pound of fat.  It's increasing a max set by 3 reps.  It's noticing a small change in the right direction.  It's going from zero to one.

Here's how you can get some quick wins that will create momentum starting tomorrow morning:

1. Make your bed.
2. Meditate for 10 minutes.
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Train your body.
5. Make a short list of what you want to accomplish.  (No more than 5!)
6. Carry a book with you. (You'll read more)
7. Keep a journal. (consistency is key here)

Ok, here's the thing.

Each of these things acts as a lever to create momentum.  If we keep applying leverage, magic will happen.  

Keep moving forward, focus on what matters, and enjoy the show.

How do you create that spark?  How do you create momentum?  Comment below!

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