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How to stay Motivated

It’s human nature to get bogged down sometimes and lose motivation.  Here’s how to combat that from happening.

1.Have a goal and WRITE IT DOWN.

Having goals written down help to make it more concrete.  You’ll also see it more often, further solidifying it in your mind.

2. Use your imagination.

This one is easy.  Take a break from being so busybusybusy and close your eyes (after finishing this article).  Imagine your goals completed in every detail.  Imagine the new Ferrari key on your keychain just waiting in your pocket.  Imagine your kids never filling out a financial aid form when they reach college-age.  Imagine the drive to the bank to pay off your parents debt anonymously.  Going clothes shopping and everything is too big around the waist, giving your boss 2 weeks notice because your small business is taking off, the list is endless.  Imagine googling “What island can I rent for vacation” AND having the funds to do it.  It’s those tiny tiny details that make a goal reachable.  

3. Self-Talk

This isn’t the mantra from What about Bob (I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful).  I’m not talking about lying to yourself.  Tell yourself the truth.  The TRUTH is: You deserve it, you can do it, and the world wants you to!  

4. Write down “Why?”

Why do you want to accomplish your goal?  Make a TANGIBLE list that you can see everyday.  It’s easy to forget why we work so hard to accomplish something if the “why” is not there in front of us.

5. Have multiple routes to success

We’ve all heard “have a plan ‘B’ just in case. . .” but if you’re after a lofty goal, have plans A-M.  If route ‘A’ doesn’t work don’t go right to route ‘B’.  Try ‘A’ one more time, but that’s it!  Don’t bother with try number 3 for A, just go on to B.  If you’re dealing with a very complex goal (financial independence, weight loss, growing a business) then you can apply a number of routes simultaneously as long as they don’t compete with each other.  Start an online Ebay business while working full time, combine cardio with strength training and proper nutrition, focus your business on differentiation while conducting a SWOT analysis.

6. Surround yourself with the Motivated

This may be the best point in staying motivated.  If you want to be good at something, hang around those that are already good at it.  If you want to swim well, hang out with dolphins.  Want to be rich?  Hang around and pay attention to the wealthy.  Want to keep that motivation up?  Hang around the motivated.  Better yet, tell them you’re struggle and ask for pointers.  This may sound corny, but it works.  Truly motivated individuals want to motivate others.  Let them motivate you!  Besides, there are few compliments greater than telling someone they have a trait that you admire and want to emulate.  Learn from others and make their day at the same time!  (motivating in and of itself!)

7. Track your progress

It doesn't matter how, but keep track of where you are from time to time.  Keep a journal, take a picture every month, track finances, write down major achievements with a date stamp next to it, etc.  The trick here is to track the same kinds of things.  My favorite method is to record all major goals met in a running journal.  Each line has a box then a description of the goal.  As you nail every goal, cross out the box and NOT the entire goal (so you can read it later).  Put the date at the top of every page so you can look back and see “Oh yeah, on the week of _____ I accomplished ___.”  This method requires you to have goals, and to write them down, which is a major part of this entire article, and which brings us again to the whole point: WRITE IT DOWN OR IT WON’T HAPPEN.  

8. Use technology

It doesn't have to be complicated.  “Sticky notes” on windows for instance: you can create a sticky and just leave it there.  When you shutdown or restart your computer it will still be there right on the desktop.  Use technology to help you see your goals and stay motivated.  You can also write a positive self-talk note to yourself with technology.  It’s always good to have that positivism in front of you.  

Goals that aren't written down are just daydreams.