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Ever met someone who was self-taught at something they were proud of?  It's a cool thought, and it catches the eye of many.  Even more impressive is someone who is truly great at what they do.  No matter what it is.  They got a coach early on, or a mentor, or just someone that guided them in the right direction.  The end result is amazing.  

Not many of us are gifted at birth, and it takes coaching and guidance to truly become excellent at anything.

If you want to get in shape and not just lose a few pounds, get a personal trainer.  If you want to be a writer, take some classes and find a writing coach.  If you want to go into business, get a business coach.  It's that simple.

Anybody can get by by doing things on their own.  Or they can do pretty well in a group and go pretty far.

But the majority of the great ones have a teacher, guide, or mentor.  

Have you ever had a mentor for a length of time and regretted it?  If no, then it was probably an excellent experience that made you a better human being, or at least propelled you further down your road than you would have gone without one.  The same applies to a personal trainer.  

A good personal trainer is worth their weight in gold.  How much would you pay to actually reach your fitness and weight loss goals?  To have that six pack abs and sculpted body?  Not only that, but how much would you pay to know how to maintain that?  I don't have to tell you that it's beyond value, because it's your health and well being.

Good personal trainers never stop learning and growing.

Excellent personal trainers make sure their clients never stop learning and growing.