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Why the blog?

I don't think I formally explained the "why" when it comes to writing this blog.

There's a few reasons why I'm writing.

1. I enjoy it!

It's incredibly simple and difficult at the same time.  I simply love writing.

2. To grow.

If I waited to write until I became a better writer then I would never write a word!  I'm embracing my funk, accepting that my writing will be sub-par for quite a long time.  That's ok though.  As long as I'm getting better, I'm happy.

3. To share.

I want to share what I know and what I think.  This doesn't mean that every blog post will be read, I know.  But everybody knows something that can help someone else, so they should share it.  That means I should share, and consequently, so should you.

4. To meet you.

Starting training can be scary, I know.  I sincerely hope that reading these posts makes it just a little bit easier.  After reading a few posts, you will know how I think, how I talk (sort of), and the fact that I'm straight forward when it comes to training.  You'll also learn that I despise sugar, and that I am a big fan of recording data so that we can actually see results over time.

5.   To prepare.

I'm working on some stuff for the future that I could not be more excited about.  Writing these blog posts will hopefully prepare me for that gargantuan project!

So there you have it.  That's why I'm writing so much more than I used to.  Before you go. . .

I have a question for you.

Do you write?  Do you enjoy reading?  I want to know where I can find other content that isn't so click bait-ish.  Please let me know below in the comments!