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Couch Potato to Firefighter and Paramedic

Hi everybody!

I wanted to start a series of success stories about my clients, both for personal training and for boot camps.  I want to show whoever is interested that success is to be had, not just worked for.  I have the great pleasure of training some stellar individuals, and I want to tell you about them!

So here we go :)

It's easy to brag about Katie.  

Katie is a hard worker, and she knows it.  She comes into Northwest Forge and trains like a honey badger every. damn. time.  She follows her nutrition plan on her own, and does her "homework." without fail.

She comes into Northwest Forge and trains like a honey badger every. damn. time.

It comes as no suprise that Katie has seen success with transforming from couch potato that couln't pass the CPAT test to a full time Firefighter/Paramedic.  Combining a training plan with proper nutrition and cardio and crossfit has launched Katie into her dream career!

She's putting in the work, and enjoying the results!

Got any questions as to how she did it?  Leave your question below in the comments.