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Iron Hammer Award: David L.

I am pleased to announce that David Leadham is being awarded the Iron Hammer Award of excellence!

Building The Foundation

David came to Northwest Forge over 8 months ago wanting to build quality strength and muscle size to pack on to his 6'5" frame.  With zero training experience, David had to learn all the lifts and exercises from scratch.  For over a month we built a solid foundation that we could utilize going forward.  

David went from benching the 45 pound bar to easily completing repetitions of 135 pounds!  (A 300 percent increase. No small feat)  Across the board, David's tenacity in sticking to the program (training, nutrition, rest, time) started taking him from skinny to strong and lean.   

The Secret to The Dip

Anyone that has trained at Northwest Forge (or on their own) for any significant amount of time has experienced "The Dip."  The Dip refers to the hard part that comes after starting something.  It only comes when it's something worth doing, and it is never unconquerable.  

Some clients get it in their head that the dip isn't a dip, it's a decline.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It's called a dip and not a decline because it doesn't just get worse, it gets better after it gets worse.  A lot better.

David got to experience The Dip when he was about 3 months into his training.  He had been working hard and sticking to his nutrition most of the time.  The problem was that he didn't feel progress.  He felt only slightly stronger than when he started.  This can be a real problem.

The thing is, many newcomers to training experience this.  They unconsciously expect a flash change in the mirror.  The harsh reality is that change takes time and a commitment to consistency.  

The other thing we need to keep in mind is that we have a fixed visualization of ourselves.  We do not see the change that happens gradually, only the stark contrast when we look at old pictures of ourselves.  

So when David went from bench pressing the bar to completing repetitions of 135 pounds, he didn't see his increase in strength.  It sounds ridiculous, but we all do the exact same thing.  For David, it took a real mental shift to see the changes that were happening.  He had to shift his focus from the goal that he wanted (more muscles) to the system (show up, work hard, enjoy the process).   After that, things started to fall into place.

David stuck with it.  David didn't just overcome the dip.  He crushed it.  

He's now completing multiple sets and repetitions of 225 on squat, and is getting ready for his first Spartan Race.

The dip is common to us all.  The cool thing is, whoever sticks with it will overcome it.   That's how we build true strength.

More Than Strong Body: Strong Heart

Here's where David shines.

David pours himself into everything.  He puts his heart into every set and every rep.  

More than that, he looks for ways to help others.

David works with the mentally disabled by day, volunteers at his church throughout the week, and has helped Northwest Forge by volunteering to help move machines on a Saturday following bootcamp.  

David has a big heart.

The Glory

The next time you see a 6'5" guy at the Forge, give him a high five.  He's earned it in spades.

Congratulations to David Leadham on earning the Iron Hammer Award!