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7 Mindset Tips for Success

Chances are that you've been at the gym trying to make things happen for a while.  A little success here. A little success there.  Not happy with your progress?  Use these 7 mindset tips for success to get you where you want to go, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or just getting healthier for 2016. 

1.  Celebrate small victories, and don’t sweat the small stuff..

Too many times I see people giving up and slipping back into old habits because they missed a couple days in the gym or they had a week of poor food choices.  That's no reason to give up, and that's certainly nothing to sweat.   ;)  

Instead of focusing on all the little tiny things that can and do go wrong, focus on the wins, no matter how small!  Worked out on a Monday?  Then you NAILED IT and you’re right where you should be.  Chose to have one donut instead of two like you normally do?  WAY TO GO!!!  Reaffirming positive behaviors is extremely effective in solidifying healthy habits.  Chastising yourself is a sure way to create a negative relationship with health and fitness, which is NOT what we want.  Health is a positive word that carries over to everything – even your view on health!

2.  Success is measured by effort, not knowledge.

You could read every book and piece of research on fitness, nutrition, and health and have the knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy life. Knowing how to get to that point without putting in the hard work and sweat is nothing. Effort is key! Choose to put that knowledge to work.  The ones I see succeed don't wait until hey have all the pieces and all the knowledge.  Start where you are and apply what you know.  Put some sweat equity into it NOW and you'll be on your way to success both in fitness and in life!

3.  Give priority to your goals.

Keep your goals in mind every session and every day.  Know what specific tools get you to those goals.   The more specific your goals, the better!  "Be healthy" is not a goal, but an outcome or byproduct of a goal.  "Be able to run a mile without resting or walking" is a great goal.  " October 1st" is even better.  By putting a date on it you limit your time of investment.  It reassures you that the time is now, not later, to work on that goal.  Lastly, ask yourself from time to time "Is what I'm doing right now progressing me towards my goal?"  Another trick is to ask yourself “How many hours have I dedicated this week to working towards my goal?”  Did you watch more tv than work towards your goal?  Just a thought…

4.  Success is showing up again and again.

Missing 3 days of exercise in one week is nothing.  Missing 6 months is everything.  Make your habit and it will make you.  This is a simple truth that has empowered countless champions, professionals, and everybody working towards a goal.  Just show up.  Just do one set.  Something is better than nothing, and sometimes you’ll even get into it after showing up to just squeeze in a minimal workout!  Show up.  Some elite athletes boil it down to “Get your @$$ to the gym!”

5.   Eat Frogs One at a Time

Don't worry about the end result when you have hurdles in front of you.  Focus on the next IMMEDIATE step and tackle that first.  Each little hurdle (or workout/exercise/set/rep) is a frog.  The end goal is the elephant (of a goal). Focus on the NOW!.  This goes all the way down to focusing on putting on shoes before going to the gym.   Putting shoes on is easy.  Driving to the gym is easy.  It's all easy if you take it on one frog at a time.  That's how you eventually achieve your goal. 

6.  Self talk

This is quite possibly the biggest hang up for most people.  Negative self talk destroys from the inside out.  Positive self talk does just the opposite: builds up, strengthens, reaffirms, and bolsters will-power.  If you notice negative self-talk, stop, and tell yourself “I’m a good person that has what it takes!”  Because it’s true.  You’re doing great, keep it up, and keep kicking butt.

7. Success is not giving up.

It's that simple.  Fail 100 times, try 101 times..  What if I told you that you HAD to fail 100 times before you succeeded once?  You'd go out there and fail as fast as you could!  Failure never hurts, it's staying down that hurts.  Get back up and keep going because you're a winner.  Dig deep, stay motivated, and GET INTO IT!!!!

I want to hear how you’re doing!  Comment below if this post has helped you at all.  I want to hear your questions and comments too!


Mike Walsh is a Marine Veteran and Personal Trainer in Salem Oregon who currently operates at his gym Northwest Forge. He has experience training athletes, expecting mothers, actors preparing for a role, those trying to lose weight, and weight lifters.  He has been coaching individuals who seek to live a healthier lifestyle for over eight years. In addition to personal training, Mike offers clients dietary plans to help achieve goals and leads a Boot Camp Tuesdayand Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Forge. If you would like a consultation, feel free to contact Mike and be sure to visit the Northwest Forge Facebook to keep up to date with special events and news.  Stay motivated!