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The BEST way to lose weight

There's a big myth out there that needs to be squashed. 

"Cardio is the best way to lose weight."   This is WRONG. 

 The best way to lose weight is a caloric deficit.  I was about to say "ONLY" way, but there are of course exceptions: losing a leg, throwing up, sweating, thinking too hard, etc.  But, none of us want to do those things.  Onward. 

 How do I lose weight faster? 

If you're losing weight slowly, then I applaud you.  Slow weight loss is the best weight loss.  For me, slow is half a pound per week.  For others, it might be 1 pound per week.  Fast is 2 pounds per week but tends to be unsustainable even for the most hardcore athletes out there.  The thing to know here is that we all go through blocks or seasons.  A common season-theme is bulking in the winter and shredding in the summer.  Makes sense, right?   

The fact that you're moving in the direction that you want to go is to be guarded.  Ask yourself "How long have I been trying to lose weight successfully?"  If the answer is more than 1 year or more, then you're in the right place.  Trying to go too fast will throw you off the wheel (maybe), and this will all just be a 'phase' that you went through, another lost attempt.  

 If you're not losing weight at all, take a step back and look at nutrition.  You can't out-cardio or out-train a calorie surplus, no matter if it's all organic/grass-fed/keto/whatever.   

 Where does cardio come in?  At the end.  As a tool.  With your nutrition and training regimen on point (creating a calorie deficit), you can sprinkle a little cardio in there.  Not sure how much?  ASK YOUR TRAINER!!!   The main thing here is the calorie deficit created by eating fewer calories than you burn and being consistent with your sessions.

 Lastly, these points are aimed at the strength athlete, and of course there are obvious exceptions.