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Iron Hammer Award: Sarah F.

Sarah is good people.  She was out of shape, overweight, and had been for years.  She was fed up.  She decided it was time for a change.  

When she came to Northwest Forge Personal Training, Sarah made it clear that she was willing to do whatever it takes to get results safely and effectively.  She wasn't worried about making it fun, or the effort required.  She was intense - hardcore even.

She maintained the intensity for months on end.  Sarah saw some results and became tenacious.  She tracked her food without fail, ate healthily, walked every day, and took herself seriously.  

Sarah is down over 40 pounds and is stronger than ever.  

It took work, but if you ask her if it was worth it, you'll get a resounding "hell yeah!"  

People are often surprised at how simple it is to move in the right direction.  It just takes action and patience.  Sarah won the Iron Hammer Award because she was consistent... for months on end.