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Iron Hammer Award: Jessica D.

Jessica came to Northwest Forge Personal Training after recently having her second child.  The goal was simple: get back in shape and still be able to enjoy real foods on vacations, social gatherings, and life in general.    

Week in and week out, Jessica tracked her food and followed her training and nutrition plan about 80 percent of the time.  She kept it simple and did the work.  There was no getting around it.  

That's why, after training for well over a year, Jessica has earned the Iron Hammer Award.  Not only did she get in great shape, but her recurring lower-back injury has significantly improved.  

Here's the thing.  Jessica put in these 4 requirements:

  1. Consistency Jessica was consistent 80 percent of the time.  That's more than enough to move in the right direction.  That also means she didn't beat herself up when she was enjoying the other 20 percent of the time.  Hint: enjoy your food, then get back on the horse without regrets.
  2. Effort  When it was time to work, Jessica worked hard.  She brought the intensity week in and week out without exception.  Sure, there was the ebb and flow of motivation levels, but the effort remained constant.  Not only was she applying effort in training, but in nutrition.  She routinely put in the effort for tracking her food (gasp!) and over time saw the value of doing so.  
  3. Time  Most people don't realize how much time it takes to make lasting change.  Think about it: how long has it taken to gain 30 extra pounds?  Couple months?  No way!  It takes people years to get extremely out of shape, and getting back in shape is no different.  Time is our greatest resource, and Jessica knew how to use it.  A simple trick was to not rely too heavily on the current state of feelings.  "I feel fat, I feel bloated, I feel weak, I feel like I'm not making progress."  These were all muttered at one time or another by anyone trying to make progress.  That's ok.  Just give it time.  Notice the dates on the photos below.  Some may say "that's too slow."  Those same people have been stuck in the same place for months or years.  The best things take time.
  4. Trust  This is the hardest one for most people.  "The scale says I'm not losing weight" and/or "My bodyfat percentage isn't going down enough."  What about the way your clothes fit?  What about your sleep quality and energy levels?  What about your overall strength?  What about your happiness?  Jessica trusted the process, and the rest is history.  

Jessica is just getting started.