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3BT: 1

Hey everybody!  Here's 3 things that have been catching my attention this week. 

1. Sleep Cycle 

It's a great app that helps track your sleep, foster positive sleep habits, and it gently wakes you up!  I HIGHLY recommend it.   

2. Alternating Dumbbell Curls

I seriously can't get enough of these!  Right now I'm doing these 2x/week for 4 sets of 12-20.  Keeping those reps high!  (Arms tend to respond better to higher reps) 

3. Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout

I just ordered my second batch of this stuff because it rocks!  Creatine Monohydrte, caffeine, and a plethora of other fun ingredients.  Give it a whirl!  

WARNING:  start with just one scoop!  Don't have any coffee before hand.  (Trust me) 

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Let me know if any of these bullets apply to you.  I want to hear from you!  Comment below.