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find the right sequence

When things don't go as we want them, we tend to think about our fitness journey, our nutrition, and our overall apparent lack of success in terms of a lack of effort and sheer willpower. "I need to try harder to eat the right foods."  "I need to make myself go to the gym more often." 

This is the wrong approach, and one that closely resembles the knee-jerk response of a physical child playing a mental game.  He's out of his element, and that's just fine.  But he can't play connect four like he plays football. 

We are the exact same way, only older.

We can't get better by putting more effort into dropping the pieces in the columns.  There's nothing to it.  Instead, it's all about seeing the sequence of steps that must be taken to set up the desired result. 

Sometimes it's that easy.  Follow a sequence.  Let's say, for instance, that we work odd hours and we want to build the habit of going to the gym.  That's great and all, but going to the gym at the same time everyday might be feasible.  What if we put our gym bag in the trunk every day after we finish our post-work routine?  That's part of the sequence.  See where this is going?

A sequence of steps (habits) can create an environment where the subject (that's us!) is more prone to go workout.  (Or read more, or watch less TV, or live a more fulfilling life. . .)

It just takes the right sequence.

When everyone else is playing checkers, play chess.


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