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There's danger in thinking less of something because it's so "cliche."

Writers at coffee shops.

The analogy of the grand canyon to make the point for constant effort over time.

The new mother who can't stop talking about how her life has changed for the better because of that little farting burrito.

Here's the thing.

The fact that we are tired of hearing cliches doesn't lessen their merit.  We are constantly on the search to create something better, something different, and that search can lead us astray.  It can take our energies and resources away from the doing and paying attention to the things that really matter.

The argument "that's been done that way a million times" is a poor reason to not do it.  In fact, it's a good reason to look at why those cliches exist.  That, and it's hard to deny the results.

That guy at the coffee shop actually HAS a book out.

The grand canyon EXISTS.

That new mother is happier and more fulfilled than she has ever been.

If we look at something as cliché, there's a chance we might be missing something.

Just a quick heads up.

Our Online Personal Training is now up and running.  It's set up for 12 week increments for a few reasons.

  • To keep the bar high.  If you sign up, it's 12 weeks of you bringing your A-game to the table.  No less.
  • To have a set end date.  Having an end date when starting out emphasizes the finite nature of the program.  However hard it may be, you can handle it for 12 weeks.
  • It's intense.  You'll be glad to be done and you'll be even more glad that you signed up.

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