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Now that fall is upon us, I've noticed more people dressing warmly, getting pumpkin spiced lattes, and doing whatever it is that they associate with the fall.  It's completely normal that as the seasons change, our behavior changes.  Yet, for some reason, we expect ourselves to move forward in the exact same mode as we did during the summer (only with trendy jackets and cozy scarves).  

Why do we focus on the external seasons and ignore the internal?  

The fitness journey is the same way.

There's seasons, whether we want them or not, that cannot be ignored.  Motivation levels change, babies are born, a new coworker turns out to be a great workout buddy, etc.  These are all different events that can spur on a change of season.  

As we move through our fitness journey we realize that seasons are normal, and they offer great perspective.  Any competitive athlete knows this.  It's a sort of periodization, only on a grander scale.  

Now that we are coming out of summer and leaving that season of play (or work), let's think about what sort of season we want to have for the next 3 months or so.  (Seasons can be as long or short as you wish)

For many, summer is a season of letting loose and having fun.  If this is you, then maybe you're ready for a season of planned hard work, and results.  

Here's what  you can do to have a great fall season

1. Have one overarching theme.

I mean it.  Just one.  Strength, speed, endurance, body composition, skill, flexibility, power.  It's up to you.  If you choose more than one theme you'll be diluting your efforts.

2. Create a routine.

Not a plan, a routine.  Something you can do automatically.  Get off work then go to the gym, or wake up and step outside to start walking.  It has to be able to be made into a habit.  

3. Track your progress.

Find a way to measure the aspect of fitness you're working on this season.  Getting stronger?  Record max weight.  Losing body fat?  Get an impedance scale.  I recommend this one.

4. Form your team.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."  It's that simple.

5. Continue learning.

Geek out on whatever it is that you're focusing on.  Read one book per month on the subject.  Narrow your field and you'll have the best tools available.  (hint: it's not gym equipment)

6. Count down the days.

Have an end date.  Number your days on your calendar and mark them off.  This will give you a definite feel for the finite nature of seasons which will add a fire to your efforts.  

7. Focus.

Everything is laid out for you, now it's time to be present and hammer on the facet that you want to improve.  It's going to go by quick, and before you know it it'll be January.  So focus on what's important.  Get rid of distractions and pour yourself into this.

You have 90 days.