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7 Exercises You Can't Afford to Skip

There’s always a trend or two floating around, and there’s a big one floating around that refuses to die.

Instead it morphs into a more powerful version of itself, like a mutated virus that is desperately trying to wipe out the human race.

I’m talking about re-creating the wheel when it comes to getting results. 

There’s proven methods and exercises that just work, then there's everything else.

Here’s 7 exercises that will change you.

  1. Squat.

  2. Deadlift.

  3. Bench Press.

  4. Rows.

  5. Pull Ups.

  6. Military Press

  7. Dips

There’s a reason for each of these. 

First off, each one of them are compound exercises (meaning more than one muscle group is used). 

Second, each exercise is resistance based with a focus on prime movers, not just stabilizers. This means that you’re going to burn a lot more calories, build more lean muscle, and see results faster than if you did a million sit-ups every day.

These are also known as the “big seven” that have helped people make changes to their bodies for many many years.  Make sure you’re doing each of these exercises regularly.

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