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When was the last time you took a chance and made a mistake?  How did it turn out?  

Too often we fear taking a risk because if it turns out to be mistake then we will be out of a job, on the street, and without a friend or home to go to.  

RARELY does this ever happen, and on the contrary, taking a risk and having it fail turns out to be nothing more than a inconvenient learning experience.  

A mistake can also be valuable.  

 Mistakes were made before inventions were made.  Mistakes were made before successful companies were made.  Mistakes are made daily by those who strive to do more or be more.  

Let's reframe our connotation of mistakes.  Instead of having the mistake itself be a terrible thing, let's look at it as a learning experience that better prepared us when we decide to pick ourselves back up and move forward.  

This is how success in fitness works.   

We try, we fail, and that's normal.

It's the winner that picks themselves up, takes a movement to remove the dust and maybe even a little bit of blood, then the magic happens. 

They keep moving forward. 

None of us can afford to let mistakes or failures stop us.  It's part of the process.   

"Ever tried.
Ever failed. 
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again,
Fail better."

-Samuel Beckett