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The Formula

Leave it up to us humans to take something so simple and make it complicated.  

Take, for instance, fat loss.  Our bodies are storing fat (also known as FUEL) for use when we go through physical hardship.  It's a brilliant system that has helped the human species survive over the course of history.  The only problem is, we in the USA have a whole lot of FUEL and not enough physical hardship.  

It's that simple, and yet it's much more than that.   

There's a million tricks to lose weight effectively and to make our system work for us, but when we boil it down there's just one fact that remains:

If we burn more calories than we take in, we lose weight. 

So why is it so hard?  I'll tell you. 

Because the human body is wired to prevent any calorie deficit.  Ever try to go on a hard diet and last 2 days then eat everything in sight?  No matter how much will power we have, our instincts will almost always win.  Going on a crash diet is similar to trying to jump to the moon with nothing but the latest training shoes.  (It ain't gonna happen).  You can be the best high jumper, jump even 50 feet, and gravity will bring you back down.   

It's too obvious, and I feel stupid for even typing it.  We all know this fact.   

So why do we expect different when going on a crash diet?   

We keep believing that hard dieting works because we have been sold the idea that one thing outside of ourselves will fix our problem, not because they work. 

The truth is, it takes leveraging so much to get to the moon, and so much to lose one pound of fat.  There's 3500 calories in ONE pound of fat, and that's a ton when you think about how many calories are in a banana!  

So how do we get to the moon?  We use chemical reactions to propel our shuttle.  We use the earths gravity to slingshot us at the speed of who-knows-what.  We science the heck out of our takeoff, and plan the bejesus out of our approach.  We commit wholeheartedly because if we don't, we are atmospheric vapor.   

Diet products, magazines, articles, waist trainers, fat burners, etc. sell so well because they don't work and because there's zero commitment and zero loss if we fail.  This blends almost seamlessly into mistaking knowledge for effort, and that's a dangerous slide.  

By the way, some of these things work fantastic when coupled with a quality training program and nutrition program, but that's not what we are lead to believe what works.  

"The one thing you've been missing to lose 10 pounds in one week!"   We all have seen the titles.  

The fact is, effective fat loss is complicated.  And it's simple.   

Get a perfect plan.

Create as much momentum as possible utilizing every quality  tool available. 

Commit like your life and the lives of your loved ones depended on it.   

Because it does. 

Too many of us have struggled for too long with obtaining some sort of master over ourselves, and it doesn't have to be that way.   

Picture this: how would you feel if you lost that weight, gained that strength, and had that confidence that you know you yearn for?  Feel  that shirt and how it feels in your new body.  Go clothes shopping and enjoy  it.  Keep up with your friends.  Do a pull-up.  Whatever it is, picture it, smell it, see it, feel it.   

How different is your life?  How about your family?

The formula is easy, the human aspect is hard.