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Training Splits

I've noticed lately that many clients are asking about the best workout schedule for their specific goals and specific body types.  This is considered a training split.   

First of all, a good   training split covers all the muscle groups.  An  excellent  training split covers your bases and caters to YOUR specific needs, wants, and goals. (Strength AND flexibility, power AND mobility, etc.)  

Me, my goal is to generate lean muscle mass while increasing flexibility and mobility AND to reduce body fat.  So, here's my ideal training split that caters to my personal preferences: (keep in mind this is more of an advanced split meant for experienced lifters who have more than 2 years of continuous lifting experience)

  1. Monday: Morning: Cardio.  Afternoon: Chest and Traps 
  2. Tuesday: Morning: Light Yoga.  Afternoon: Back and Abs
  3. Wednesday: Morning: Cardio.  Afternoon: Legs, Glutes
  4. Thursday: Morning: Light Yoga.  Afternoon: Shoulders and Calves
  5. Friday: Morning: HIIT.  Afternoon: Arms

Now let's say someone is new to exercising and wants to "lose weight" and gain more flexibility IN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME.  (which really  means to lose fat and ether gain muscle or at least keep muscle).  Their ideal training split will work all the parts of the body frequently and intensely:

  1. Monday: Push, HIIT
  2. Tuesday: Legs, Yoga
  3. Wednsday: Pull, HIIT
  4. Thursday: Yoga (A semi-rest day) 
  5. Friday: Full-body power (Cleans, etc). Victory cardio. (Short 10 minute run/bike ride to celebrate a kickass week!) 

There you have it!  A training split should always be evolving too, and it doesn't have to follow the 7 days of the week!  You can have a 5 day split if you want.   

If you have any questions please ask.