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Efficient ≠ Effective

Too often we fall into the trap of doing "busy" work.  Mainly, emails and tasks that we tell ourselves are important when in fact they just aren't.  For me, it's working on the website when I should be writing my blog.  

Don't get me wrong, I love writing and I love reading, but the thought "Things need to be perfect in order to start" throws us into a busy trap.  I could spend an eternity on a website development and new projects and easily neglect the daily drip drip drip of writing a blog post.   

When I say "drip" I mean creating a steady foundation that builds on itself.  Busy work doesn't do that.  Effective work does.  Effective work creates a system that works while you sleep, when you're not "working", and when you do that oh-so-human thing called failing. 

Fitness is exactly like this.  We can read all the information fitness, exercise programming, injury prevention, and put together the scientifically perfect routine.  Without doing the EFFECTIVE WORK the results will not come.  We can't wait until everything is perfect because that will never happen.  Start now.