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Why I created this company

I created this company because it was driving me crazy that there was an obvious need for people to learn about fitness, nutrition, and general health.  I saw too many people struggling unnecessarily with the fundamentals of fitness.  

I always believed in sharing information, so when anybody asked any questions, i answered them to the best of my ability.  This both fueled my desire to know more about fitness and i quickly learned that I loved helping people.  It seems overly simple, but sometimes the simplest of things work the best.  

I started showing Marines how to train when I was still in the Marine Corps and the "knack" never left me when I transitioned into the civilian life.  After 10 years I still get a kick out of showing someone how to not only apply the fundamentals correctly, but see amazing results because of those fundamentals.  

In short, I created Northwest Forge because I love helping people.