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The 3 Biggest Things You're Not Doing to Sharpen Your Axe

There are so many things you can do to make progress: implementing a quality training split, proper lifting techniques, the right cardio at the right time, and a dialed in nutrition program.  There's one thing that nobody ever talks about and that's sharpening the axe.   

What I mean by sharpening the axe is taking time every day to step back and hone the skills that are required for your weight loss program or body transformation journey.   

By sharpening your axe, you'll be more effective and more efficient, which in turn progresses you towards your goal faster.  You wouldn't want to cut down a forest with a dull axe, so take time regularly (DAILY) to sharpen that axe.

1. Meditate

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.  Don't have time?  Then meditate for 30 minutes a day because you NEED it.  If you can't carve time to sharpen your axe, you will never have the time.  It's that simple. I personally enjoy the "Breathe" app.  It offers a simple meditation timer and some other cool features for free. 

2. Roll Out

Foam rolling has gained massive popularity, and for good reason.  Give those muscles some much needed attention by performing myofascial release.  This will keep things moving smooth and loose.  You can use a Triggerpoint Therapy GRID foam roller which is what I prefer.  Just a few minutes a day of targeting hamstrings, quads, glutes, or even your back can really help.  Don't be surprised if you feel mentally grounded and clear afterwards! 

3. Explore

Step outside your comfort zone when it comes to fitness.  Try new exercises and new routines.  Change up your training split, or better yet, talk to someone else who does things completely different.  Been lifting heavy for years?  Try yoga.  I guarantee you'll have a wonderfully tough time.  Great at yoga?  Try a HIIT bootcamp class.  I cannot stress enough the value of doing the exercises you're not doing.  It will be as much of a workout for your mind as it will your body.   


If you're struggling with your weight loss or body transformation program, then take a step back, sharpen your axe, and you'll be able to come back to it strong and ready for more.  I hope this helps!   

Lastly, I just wanted to say three things: 

  1. I will never advertise anything I do not personally believe in or use.  The above mentioned products I use on a daily basis. 
  2. We at Northwest Forge value feedback from YOU!  If you have anything to say, please comment below.   
  3. This is Tonja. Tonja started kettle bell swings with 25 pounds!  She's getting stronger every week and I'm so proud of her! 
Kettle bell swings for body transformation! 

Kettle bell swings for body transformation! 

Stay Motivated!