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The 3 Leg Exercises You've Been Missing

Let's keep this short and sweet.  You've been working out for a while and things have been going pretty good, but not great.  You do your squats, leg extensions, and dead-lifts.  Yeah, that's great.  Now listen up.  These exercises are great finishers for after you've done your leg workout.

Weighted Walking Lunges

When I first had to do lunges I thought to myself, "Don't freshmen volleyball girls do this?"  By lunge 40 on the first set I was DYING.  Now add 3 more sets and a 25 pound dumbbell on each side and you've got a recipe for walking like a cowboy for 2 days!

Cloud Squat Jumps

These require a bit more finesse.  Get in a squat stance, hands out in front.  Drop your squat just below parallel and come up and do a little hop.  Keep your knees bent no higher than 45 degrees.  These are a GREAT finisher to a round of barbell squats.  

Frog Jumps

These are the mother of all leg finishers.  After you've done your regular leg workout, throw in some frog jumps to blast the lower body into body-transformation oblivion: Get in your squat stance.  Get LOW and explode up with everything you've got.  You're doing a standing long jump into a squat, then exploding again into another long jump, etc, etc.  (you know, like a frog). Jump for pure distance!  Only one or two sets of 10-20 jumps will be plenty if you've put in the proper leg workout prior.  

Here's the secret

I could tell you that these exercises are "the hidden secret to weight loss and blablabla" but they're not.  These are one facet to the overall plan that can help you on your fitness journey.  These exercises DO, however, increase fat burning at an alarming rate.  Next time you get done with your workout, then add some of these killer body-weight leg exercises.  AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  Comment below and I'll respond as fast as I can.

Get on your way to your total body transformation. 


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