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Routine and Small Steps

Routine can seep into our lives like a permeating oil that works its way into a machine.  That's good though, because these well-oiled machines make life better.  Routine to you and me is always simple in our own eyes, but it affects others quite differently.  We tend to think "That's genius!  I could never have come up with something like that" but rarely view our own endeavors in the same manner.  

There's something in each of us that someone else thinks is genius/awesome/perfect.  We just need to get it to the world.  

I never viewed this blog as something awesome, but someone made it a point to let me know that they highly enjoyed reading it.  Hearing it blew me away completely.  Being a personal trainer is solidly wrapped in routine, and it's nice to hear that small differences are being made.  We make a habit of taking a few steps each day they we can be pleasantly surprised how far we've come in a year or two.  

Today I'm thankful for small steps that add up, and the wonderful people that are nice enough to say "hey, take a sec to look around.  You're doing something awesome." 

NOTE: Northwest Forge just is finishing a major uplift.  Get ready for pictures.