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What I Learned About Fitness In The Marines: Part I

"I learned a lot in the Marines"  is an understatement.  

The biggest thing I can remember is the simple saying that guides all Marines: "Right place.  Right time.  Right uniform."   (Marines aren't big fans of extra words)

If any of these were ever incorrect, you'd be sure to hear about it.  At full volume.  

It didn't matter how I felt or how sick I was or how much leave time I had saved up.  In fact, nothing else mattered more than being where I was supposed to be.  Nothing.

We tend to undervalue the habit of showing up no matter what and doing the work.  The Marines instill pride in that fact.   "Semper Fidelis" is often heard when a senior Marine is blasting a verbal reprimand at Mach 7.  It's everywhere, and it gets old, but they behavior was a way of life.

Have you ever met someone like that?  THat, no matter what, shows up where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there?  Such people are common and tend to fly under the radar: no sick days, no cancellations, no wavering.  It's just how things are done.   

Our culture is in dire need of people that show up, put the work in, and have a habit of putting in 100 percent always.  The thing, though, is that I'm not talking about culture.  I'm just talking about you and me.  

Have we been putting in 100 percent?  If not, then have we been expecting the results of 100 percent effort?   

There's no way around it, and there sure isn't any shortcut.   

1. Show up.  Always.