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If you're human, you probably feel resistance towards accomplishing meaningful work.  I like to think that we all do.  The only problem is, we tend think of resistance as external only.  There's not even an option to consider internal resistance.  That's too bad, because it definitely exists.  We might think our situation, job, or friends, are the main elements that are keeping us back from whatever it is that we want to do/be/accomplish/exist. 

The more common reality is that we are the ones that are giving ourselves the most trouble.  The most resistance.  The trick is to be aware enough to feel it, and then to open our eyes enough to see it. 

Being aware to resistance (or just aware in general) is tricky.  It requires removing distractions and asking the hard questions.  The responsibility lies within each of us to do that.

Now, instead of removing distraction, let's think about sidestepping it.  It's like a huge boulder that could easily crush us, moving at 1mph towards us.  We could push it away, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to just step to the side. 

Let's stop pushing the boulder around.  We don't need the distractions anyway.