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Take More Shots

It's easy to get wrapped up in finding the right workout program, searching expert advice, and building the perfect plan to help you on your fitness journey to lose weight and see results.  It's incredibly common and can point to information addiction.  

The same goes for careers, our work, our lives, and our days.  

It seems silly to me, and it might to you, but information addiction is real.  And just like any addiction, it robs the afflicted in terms of money, time, relationships, and health.  Here's what it looks like:  

Information Addiction

  • Constantly checking Facebook or other social media platforms when trying to work.
  • Hard time putting your phone down when talking to other people.
  • Feeling anxious when not on your phone for more than a couple hours.
  • Can't seem to get deep work done because of constant email and social media notifications.
  • Listening to podcasts, reading articles, and being "plugged in" while performing ordinary tasks, such as preparing or eating meals, commuting, and even spending time with loved ones.
  • Difficulty being present in the moment.

If this sounds like you, don't take it lightly.  You might not feel like it, but you're being robbed.  

Here's what you can do.

How to beat Information addiction

  1. Schedule time away from electronics, such as EXERCISE or simply going for a walk.  
  2. Keep track of how often you check social media in a day.  Try this: make a tick mark on a sheet of paper (don't use an app!) every time you check your phone for any reason that isn't answering an emergency phone call.
  3. MUST use an app?  Try gamification.  Turn it into a game.  This seems counter intuitive, but download the app Forest and give it a shot.  It personally helped me out.  
  4. Meditate.  Meditation helps rewire the brain.  My personal favorite app (yeah, I know) is Headspace.  
  5. Track it.  Use ATracker.  Another wonderful app that shows just mow much time we waste on utterly pointless things.  
  6. Educate yourself and READ THIS.
  7. NOTE: I like to use technology as an advantage.  However, uselessly tracking information can deter from the overall goal.  Ask yourself what you want to improve, and track that.

So how does this all tie in to taking more shots?

Here's the thing.  When it comes down to it, ask yourself, "how many hours have I devoted to the thing this week?"  The thing is that project, vision, or endeavor that you've been wanting to do, but it's been taking forever, which you keep telling yourself "it'll get done when it gets done."  

One of the fundamental skills to accomplishing great things is learning to say "no" to everything else.  It's practicing the skill of eliminating distraction so that we can focus on what matters.

Just like any other muscle or skill, saying "no" can be practiced and developed.  Try it today sometime.  Say no to social media, or reading this blog, or getting off track.  Focus on one thing.  If you want, try using the pomodoro technique.

Eliminate distractions.

Focus on what matters.

Take more shots.

(I promise, you won't regret it.)

One more thing

I'm putting together a 30 day challenge.  It's starting November 1st.  If you're wanting a fun way to gain control of your health, this is up your alley.  It's focused around one simple habit:

Drink one protein power smoothie per day

 On the 20th I'll post about how to sign up and what items you'll need for your delicious protein power smoothie.  

On top of that, I'll be posting every day the following:

  • A quick but effective home workout
  • A healthy challenge for the day
  • A positive quote

Oh yeah, there's a huge prize for the winner at the end, and. . .


I asked myself "what's the easiest quickest way to help people lose fat and get healthy?"  This is it!

Stay tuned October 20th for details on how to sign up and join the community.  It should be fun!

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