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metrics that matter

We constantly get in the trap of trying to quantify and measure everything that's human about ourselves.  It's become an obsession.  When we track too many variables at once, we end up tracking everything half-ass, or less.  We can't track everything.  At least, not yet.  What we can do is pick the metrics that matter most and go from there.  

Hang on.  Let's back it up even further.  Let's ask the question "what makes me happy?"  Let's say the answer is fixing cars.  Many data driven individuals will jump to say "well, the metric should then be 'cars fixed' in a given time frame."  That's a result metric, which can be manipulated and affected by many factors, namely, factors that we don't control.  

An input metric, on the other hand, we can control.  An input metric that we can control and draw on at any time?  Priceless.  What's better, is each of us have two of them.  Time and effort.  Just be careful when applying time and effort to multiple goals.

A hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither.


This post is my take on Rohan Rajiv's blog at A Learning A Day.