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What it takes

There’s one thing keeping you from making it happen.

We all have it.  Some of us call on it daily and some of us put it away in the closet to collect dust.  Before you know, it is all but forgotten.  Your daily activities suffer and lifelong dreams and ambitions are on the wayward because that trait is not being exercised.  I’m talking about grit.  

The one attribute that separates the successful from the unsuccessful (in any facet of life) is grit and there is a trick to building this trait.  

It’s called a small victory.  We too often think that because we didn’t go to the gym every day last year that we failed.  The truth of the matter is that each time you do go to the gym (or exercise discipline some other way) you have won.  Mustering the grit to go to the gym that ONE time was it’s own little battle, a battle that you won.  If you won once, why not again?  and again?....  and again?  Before you know it, your grit in the area of “going to the gym” is outstanding.  You go without fail and without complaint, because each time it’s just one time.  So go win just one time and see what happens!  

This way of thinking can carry over to all aspects of life, especially self-talk.  That little voice in your head-that is your mind.  If you can control how that mind talks to you, then you can get ready for some serious positive surprises in life!  I’m talking about the theory of self-fulfilling prophecy, which is related to the pygmalion effect.

Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character.

Have a vision, move forward, develop grit, and make it happen.


Mike Walsh is a Marine Veteran and Personal Trainer in Salem Oregon who currently operates at his gym Northwest Forge. He has experience training athletes, expecting mothers, actors preparing for a role, those trying to lose weight, and weight lifters.  He has been coaching individuals who seek to live a healthier lifestyle for over eight years. In addition to personal training, Mike offers clients dietary plans to help achieve goals and leads a Boot Camp on Tuesday Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at the Forge. If you would like a consultation, feel free to contact Mike and be sure to visit the Northwest Forge Facebook to keep up to date with special events and news.