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Three Pillars of physical fitness

There's just 3 things needed to see real results in your body:
1. Training. Make sure you are training consistently and making a habit of pushing yourself. Never go 3 days without a workout and NEVER miss a Monday! Don't skip anything, either. Train upper body, lower body, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

2. Nutrition. Remember, you CAN NOT out-train bad nutrition! Cut out fast food, soda, and as much processed foods as possible. Replace all that crap with these: A. Real whole foods (no ingredients lists) A good way to do this is to stick to the outer-edge of the grocery store. That is where you will find fruits, vegetables, lean sources of protein, and whole grains. , B. eat every 2-4 hours. No exceptions! (except sleeping). C. Eat a pre-workout meal and post-workout meal. D. Plan time to prep. I suggest Wednesdays and Sundays. Get everything together, make the 6 meals you'll need and package them up in whatever container you want. E. CHEAT! That's right, plan cheat meals! One day a week eat whatever you like.  Chocolate sundaes, chicken wings, beer, and pizza!  Nobody can eat like a robot for long, so this will "treat" your diet like a budget... and this day is a day to spend on treats.

3. Motivation. Never stop wanting it. Get a habit of hopping back on the horse as fast as you fall off. The best have failed far more than those that never try. So get back on it! There's a few people out there that have witnessed me in line at Taco Bell only to receive my Ultra Grilled stuffed burrito only to look at it for a good few minutes in my hand, then take a big big bite, then throw it as hard as I could. Get. Back. On. It. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and welcome the ridicule you'll receive from family and friends. It's just part of the process and it means you're doing fantastic.