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10 Essential Elements with Successful Weight Loss

"How to lose 30 pounds in two weeks!"

There's a reason claims such as this sell so well and fail so hard.  It's not because something is wrong with them, it's because we are conditioned to not ask the hard questions when it comes to fitness and weight loss.  It's because we want fitness and weight loss to work a certain way, and that's not how it goes.

Losing 30 pounds in two weeks is flashy, sexy, and just on cusp of being ridiculous.  It grabs the eye.  The offer has been engineered to do one thing: get you to buy.

When we know what we want (stronger/faster/leaner/smarter/better), then we can look at people who have been successful in that respective area and observe commonalities.  Here's what you'll find in people who are truly successful in losing weight and keeping it off and how YOU can lose those extra unwanted pounds.  I'll warn you, this is what works, not what you necessarily want to hear:

Be consistent with training and proper nutrition.

There's no bones about it.  Train often.  Eat well.

Create a positive attitude surrounding wellness.

Eliminate the words "diet" and "exercise" from your vocabulary and replace them with "nutrition" and "training."  Phrases like "I have to exercise" are poisonous.  "I get to train" is THE way to phrase it.  The way we talk about fitness, weight loss, and wellness is the way we will eventually think, and act, about fitness, weight loss, and wellness.

Engage in intense training for approximately 1 hour per day.

If you're not pushing your limits then you're cheating yourself.  Ask yourself "How hard am I working?"  If you haven't hit an 8 out of 10 in intensity then it's time to up the ante.

Have a support system in place. (Friends, family, personal trainer)

The closer your support group (family) the better.  Unfortunately, not everybody is going to like the idea of you having success.  That's fine.  Get SOMEONE who believes in you to stick close and root for you.  This is one of the hidden values of a great personal trainer.  Once your close friends and family see that you're serious, they'll come around.  Just KEEP GOING.

Foster a learning state of mind.

This can save you.  Whatever you learn, learn it twice.  Read it twice.  This can be hard when so many magazines claim that using supplement X will help with outcome Y.  (Again, having a great personal trainer can act as a bull*t filter when it comes to questions).  Don't have a trainer?  Get reading!

Tune out "empirical data" from magazines and infomercials whose sole aim is to get your money.

If you're reading this then you're probably an information junky just like me.  Fear not, junkie!  Hope is here!  You know that plan you started?  Stick with it.  Commit to it.  You can plan your NEXT phase, but for now stick to the plan.  Committing to not changing your current plan can really take the FOMO out of training.

Eat a low calorie, low fat diet.

It's not rocket science.

Eat breakfast daily.

See note for point 7.

Measure your success regularly.  (Weight, body measurements, skinfold measurements)

Things that get measured tend to improve almost magically.  So measure!  If you want to lose weight and only lose weight then just using a scale is fine.  If your goals are a little more robust (bigger muscles/body fat percentage) then body measurements and skinfold calipers come in handy.

Educate yourself about depression and mood swings due to nutrition.

Here's the thing: your body does NOT like having a negative caloric balance.  (Meaning that you burn more calories than you take in) but it's necessary for weight loss and fat loss.  One of the things that goes along with the negative caloric balance is mild depression and mood swings, and that's ok.  (think "hangry")  Make sure you're eating regularly and eating adequate calories.  You'll lose weight slowly, but it is sustainable and it won't wreck your mood, hormones, or metabolism.

Accept the fact that long-term weight loss victory is a realistic goal with willpower and attention to detail.

So many people have seen success and there's NO reason why you can't too.  If you need help let me know and I will be glad to point you in the right direction, even if it's not training with me at the Forge.

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